Billion Dollar Agents

Matt Wagner - By developing a coaching program, Radio and Television Experts, Matt has used several unique approaches to help one agent after another utilize the most successful strategies to make the phone ring and differentiate themselves from every agent in the market place.

Ronnie Matthews - As the number one RE/MAX team in Texas for the past 14 years, Ronnie and his team sell more than 900 homes per year by offering turn-key services and a strong professional connection to the community.

Pat Hiban - In 2004 Pat became the #1 RE/MAX Agent in the world, and in 2006 he was honored with the same #1 recognition by Keller Williams Realty. Over the course of his career, he has sold more than 4,000 homes and still averages a sales rate of more than 250 homes per year despite taking off at least 153 days annually to spend with his family.

Matt Battiata - Ranking among the top-selling agents in North America since 2001 by selling 200-300 homes per year, Matt trains real estate agents across the country and regularly appears on local network TV news and radio broadcasts as a real estate expert.

Larry Thompson - After realizing the need for a one stop source for mortgages, real estate and closing services combined, and after being raked #13 in the country as a Rookie Loan originator in 2003, Larry and his company Venture Realty has consistently produced high quality search capabilities both on the retail side and on the investment side.

Karen Bernardi - Knowing better than to let her employees' personal goals of success overshadow customer objectives and satisfaction, Karen broke all of the old rules and traditions by insisting that her team do business differently right from its start in 1996.

Bill Ryan - Owner of RE/MAX Infinity in Chandler AZ, Bill has spent the past 38 years in the real estate industry adapting to change, and evolving with the times. His current focus is incorporating the best of what experience has taught him about personal interaction and team building with the best of what new technologies have to offer the industry.

Laura Harbison – With her 25+ years of experience in the industry, Laura’s team has been Realty Executives’ number one team worldwide since 1999, and is ranked by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top 100 agents in the country.

Chris Heller – As President of KW Worldwide, Chris is on a mission to bring the Keller Williams Business Opportunity to tens of thousands of real estate professionals across the globe, and believes strongly that successful people always elevate the people around them.

Bob Corcoran - Bob has spent the past 22 years building a real estate broker coaching team. Corcoran Consulting and Coaching trains real estate professionals to reach the top in production, and the Corcoran real estate client list looks like the who's who in the real estate industry, full of top-producing real estate agents and real estate brokers across North America.

Lee Tessier - The Lee Tessier Team is in the top five of RE/MAX Teams in the state of Maryland, and is ranked #70 nationwide of 90,000+ RE/MAX agents.

Patrick Lilly - With a GCI of over $85 million last year, The Patrick Lilly Group is enjoying its 8th consecutive best year ever. Patrick is also a highly successful life coach and bases his work on the belief that as we become better human beings, we become better professionals. And as we become better professionals, we become better human beings.

Rae Wayne - With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Rae is a highly regarded real estate professional with an extensive legal and administrative background. She has an excellent reputation among agents throughout Southern California as an aggressive and cooperative professional.

Marti Hampton - Throughout her 25 years of experience in the Raleigh NC area, Marti has always been focused on her clients and providing them the best service possible. Her team is consistently ranked by REMax in its top ten nationwide, and is located in one of the country's fastest growing cities.

Carlton Lund - A licensed broker with over 30 years of experience, Carlton is a nationally recognized expert in Value Range Marketing, and has participated in more than $2 billion in residential property sales.

Casey Margeneau - As an individual REMax agent, Casey was ranked number one worldwide for five years in a row, and with his team continues to rank among the highest producing REMax teams in the country.

Ron Rush - With a background in the US Air Force, Ron understands the importance of teamwork. Taken as a whole, his team offers over 75 years of real estate experience to their clients.

Paul Chiolo - Paul is a Howard Brinton Star Power star, and along with his team is ranked by the National Association of REALTORS as one of the top teams in the country today. They are currently ranked number one within the entire Keller Williams Realty organization.

Neal Weichel - A real estate stalwart in the Santa Clarita region since 1992, Neal has been the top-producing agent there since 1999. Neal is a firm believer in a solid approach to customer service, and more than 60% of his business can be attributed to referrals from past clients.

Wes Madden - Following a career as a med evac Black Hawk pilot in the Army, Wes quickly became the number one agent in Fairbanks, AK by creating a team of real estate specialists to meet all of his clients' needs.

Nathan Clark - Nathan is proud to offer a family owned and operated real estate brokerage recognized by REMax as one of the top ten in New England, and in the top 1% nationwide.

Lonnie Bush - Lonnie's team focuses on the specific needs of their largely military client base in the Hampton Roads VA area, and earns high distinction from RE/Max International such as the Hall of Fame, Platinum, and Chairmans Awards for their efforts.

Ruben Garmyn - A fixture in the Bend OR real estate market since 1994, Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty is Oregon's number one team, and is consistently ranked among the top producing teams in the country with over $1 billion sold since 2001.

Chantel Ray - With her team of specialists, Chantel strikes a balance between buyers and sellers and consistently closes over 800 transactions per year in the Virginia Beach region.

Corey Geib - In the tough Las Vegas market, Corey and his team continue to be industry leaders with nearly 400 homes closed last year.

Darren James - With a commitment to providing excellent service, Darren and his team stand out as the premier agents in Baton Rouge, LA.

Amanda Howard - Amanda's team motto "Client driven, client focused," brings to the forefront their commitment to provide the best possible customer service in the Huntsville, AL region.

Dawn Krause - Dawn and her husband Mike lead one of the top 10 agencies in the entire St. Louis, MO region, and together with the team bring over 70 years of real estate experience to the industry.