Billion Dollar Agent Manifesto

Based upon a compilation of personal and professional experience and reflection from a select group of the most highly successful agents in the US today, this follow-on to the 2007 publication Billion Dollar Agent: Lessons Learned is an examination of the new face of the industry and its path forward from here.

Agents included in the book had a 2012 GCI of $1 million or more, and agreed to discuss the watershed moments of their recent pasts that shaped their current practice and continue to inform their plans for the future.

Author Steve Kantor of Best Agent Business spent the interval between the books engaged in more than 1000 conversations with agents, and used the information he gathered to grow his own business to encompass more than 100 part-time assistants serving over 100 active clients. Billion Dollar Agent Manifesto will offer readers valuable insight into the best practices for entrepreneurs at any level of experience.