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Business Plans, Systems and Guidance to focus your unique talents on increased profitability.

We coach small business entrepreneurs with $100,000 to $10M in revenue per year.

We have conducted interviews with over 1,000 agents and completed over $1,000,000 worth of customer-driven research in the past decade.

We have over 1,000 pages of solid systems that we use to help you run your business.

We have had over 1,000 30-minute phone call sessions with top real estate agents doing over $100,000 in GCI. 

We are not biased by one geographic area, association, franchise or system – we are both independent and global. 

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Time Management Challenge

The best system in the industry for managing time and realizing your Perfect Day.

Billion Dollar Agent Triangle

A Revolutionary Peer-coaching experience.

Monthly Coaching Call

Live coaching with Steve Kantor, creator of the Billion Dollar Agent System.

Billion Dollar Agent Books

Steve Kantor, President of Billion Dollar Agent, has authored and published over a dozen books on the subjects of business, economics, technology and life lessons. A complete list of all publications is available on our Books page. 

Billion Dollar Agent Manifesto
Billion Dollar Agent Manifesto offers insight into the best practices for entrepreneurs at any level of experience by featuring watershed moments from today’s most successful real estate agents. Get professional and personal insights from the trailblazers of the industry.
Billion Dollar Agent Manifesto Executive Summary
Get a FREE special edition ebook Executive Summary edition of Billion Dollar Agent - Manifesto when you schedule your first coaching session with Steve Kantor, President of Billion Dollar Agent.
Billion Dollar Agent Lessons Learned
Billion Dollar Agent - Lessons Learned is based on interviews with real estate agents who have achieved $1 billion in career sales of residential real estate or are on track to achieve that level of success. Includes interviews with top national coaches/trainers such as Howard Brinton, Mike Ferry, Ken Goodfellow, Walter Sanford, and Floyd Wickman.
Lessons Learned by a Young Entrepreneur
In 2006 I wrote this book for myself of Lessons Learned from my 20 years in business. From 1986 to 2004, I grew Gnossos Software with $1,000 invested from 0 clients to about 200 clients and from $0 revenue to over $2,000,000 at the peak. But it took me 18 years to achieve what should have taken about 5 years.

Billion Dollar Agent Lessons

Get to know Billion Dollar Agent and Steve Kantor. Our FREE informal coaching videos will introduce you to simple effective strategies and systems for Billion Dollar Agents. A full collection of videos is available on our Billion Dollar Agent Videos page.

Billion Dollar Agent Profit Model

Deals, GCI and Net Profit. If your net profit is less than 30% call us ASAP!

Billion Dollar Agent Open House System

Real estate agents – learn to Market an Open House like a Billion Dollar Agent.

Billion Dollar Agent Expired Marketing

Dominate expired Marketing with a 20% market share.

Focus Unique Talent

Delegate Everything Else

Stop Wasting Leads

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