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You create your own luck in life by taking ownership of your life. Through a combination of imagination, clarity, action, consistency, determination, and perseverance you can take control of your life. You can make massive changes happen in small steps over the next 1,000 days.

• Learn and implement the 7 Areas of a Billion Dollar Agent

• Set goals to achieve to gain a higher level of 7 Levels of a Billion Dollar Agent

• Focus, train, and practice the 7 Actions of a Billion Dollar Agent

 7 Areas of a Billion Dollar Agent

To become a Billion Dollar Agent, focus on these 7 areas.

1. Unique Talent

You must spend increasing amounts of time developing and using your unique talent. Your unique talent is the part of your job that you love. What do you, do that you love and that gives you energy, makes you happy, builds your confidence, and brings a smile to your face? What percentage of your working hours do you currently spend using your unique talents? How would it impact your profits and happiness if you increased that percentage every month?

2. Assistants

You must delegate everything that is not a unique talent. Every single real estate agent with $100,000+ GCI should have an assistant. Almost every Billion Dollar Agent said that it is critical to get an assistant, and they would have hired an assistant earlier in their career if they had a second chance. What are the job tasks that you dislike, those that you avoid or fail to do, that you do poorly, that give you stress, that are making you sweat just reading this sentence? Outsource and delegate those tasks to assistants and vendors. This will leave you free to focus on your unique talent.

3. Goals

You must have written goals for life and business for each month, the year, and long-term dreams. You must read your goals every morning. You must invest 1% of your life, in time devoted to planning where you want to go, and what you want to achieve in your life. You only need to spend 10 minutes a day, 1 hour a week, 4 hours a month, and a 3 day retreat each year. You must have a vision, dreams, and visual reminders of your dreams. You must focus solely on positive people, news, media, self-talk, and affirmations. You must prioritize your life by health, relationships, finances, business, and personal – in that specific order. Without your health, nothing else matters. Your relationships with your spouse, children, parents, friends, community, and spirit must come next. Your finances are more important than your income. If you make $100,000 net profit, but spend $120,000, the solution will not be to make $120,000. Your business will thrive only if you are calm, with healthy energy, loving relationships, and managed finances. Then, you can even have time for personal hobbies and interests. Best Agent Business 10

4. Perfect Day

You must define your ‘Perfect Day’. Develop daily habits and rituals to maximize time spent on your unique talents, and eliminate time spent on anything else. To achieve greatness in your profession and business, you must do the ordinary with consistency. You must define the daily activities that generate income and move you to the next Billion Dollar Level. Successful people create daily habits and rituals. They schedule and time block a much greater percentage of their work week than other people. Having a detailed routine and scheduled time blocks, interestingly, allows people to be more productive and more creative; because their mind and energy has laser focus. Like Olympic athletes, they have a clear daily routine to practice and perfect their unique talents.

5. Focus

You must focus. You must slow down and realize that 1 hour spent planning is worth 10 hours spent doing something else. Like any sales-oriented business, the top 20% of real estate agents make way more than 80% of commissions. If you are in the top 20%, you may be an entrepreneur, as well as a salesperson. If so, you may be like many entrepreneurs and have a problem with focus. You must fight the battle of busyness, multitasking, fragmented thoughts, open loops, multiple to-do lists, 60 hour work weeks, poor eating habits, no exercise habits, no accounting habits, and STOP!!!. STOP RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW. Stop the madness and slow down. Successful business people are filled with calm energy not tense energy. You must learn how to sit and do focused work for periods of 1-2 hours without interruptions.

6. Leverage

You must leverage your time so that one hour of your time can produce ten hours or 100 hours of value for your business. Imagine that your time is worth $100/hour. And, you make six touching base calls to a client for ten minutes every other month for a year and the client refers a new client which is worth a $10,000 commission. You just leveraged one hour of your time to be worth 100 hours of your time. You must leverage prospects, clients, assistants, vendors, real estate agents, brokers, franchises, money, and knowledge. You must leverage everything, all the time, with a business plan documenting how you are going to create that leverage.

7. Billion Dollar Agent Level

You must honestly face the reality of your current business. You must determine which Billion Dollar Level you are currently at and set written goals to achieve higher levels by specific dates. There are seven levels.

The vast majority of new real estate agents do not survive this business. Many fail and go bankrupt, or shut down their business with significant losses. First, you must survive. You can then achieve stability, create a solid profit, build a successful business, and become a Billion Dollar Agent.


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Steve Kantor
President, Billion Dollar Agent

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