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7 Actions of a Billion Dollar Agent – Hunting and Farming

Are you a hunter or a farmer? Do you prefer, as a salesperson, to hunt new business or to farm your existing client relationships? If you are a salesperson, your personality and unique talents are on a point along a spectrum from hunting to farming. Here are some examples:


• Calls FSBO and Expireds

• Go to FSBO home and knocks on door to meet them

• Walk around farm to knock on doors

• Calls a website lead 10 times within 48 hours to make sure that they reach them live to pursue the sale

• Loves getting the listing appointment and then closing the deal


• Stays in touch with clients and sphere of influence

• Calls people, writes hand-written notes, meets clients for lunch

• Sends consistent marketing messages to clients and sphere of influence

• Meets with sphere of influence to develop referrals

• Organizes client parties and events

• Thinks of ways to provide customer service to clients between transactions

Not surprisingly, almost every Billion Dollar Agent is a hunter – an extreme hunter. You would not go hungry on an island stranded with a Billion Dollar Agent. If there is meat running around the island, they will hunt it down, close the deal, and bring home the bacon. And they will love the hunt.

Although hunters will hire and fire salespeople to cold call FSBOs, track down unbranded website leads, and other hunting activities, almost no one has taken the simple step of farming their client base and hiring a farmer, at $30,000-$50,000, to call, contact, and develop deeper relationships with clients.

If you were able to stop working with buyers and hire a buyer agent, then you could, if you grew big enough, stop working directly with hundreds of clients and hire a client agent. We invented a new role in the industry, a Client Agent™.

If you are a hunter and you are reading this, open yourself up to the possibility that your unique talent of hunting has led you to great success. But, at the same time, it may have blinded you from a huge profit opportunity of your client base. Business does not have to be either/or – you can expand your vision to be both/and and become a true Billion Dollar Agent.

I invite you to text or call me at 202-297-2393 to further discuss how Billion Dollar Agent can assist you with your business.

Steve Kantor
President, Billion Dollar Agent

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