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7 Actions of a Billion Dollar Agent – Start Stop Delete More Less

The choice and consistency of your daily actions and the actions of your team will define the quality of your business. Make a list of actions that you should start doing, stop doing, delete from your life, do more of, and do less of. Then, make another list of actions for your business for that same criteria. For example, you may stop doing something that you will delegate to someone on your team who will start to do it.


Start doing things, which you know you should be doing, but have been putting off for a long time.

Stop doing things which are non-productive or destructive to you and your business.

Delete stuff, activity, people, vendors, piles, and old attitudes from your life and business that are holding you back. It will clear your life and provide you much more energy for positive activity. Try to delete one thing from your life every week. It sounds crazy but it is very powerful.

Do more of the activities which you believe fit your unique talent.

Do less of activities that are not your unique talent. Take a radical step and either delete from your life, stop doing it, or delegate to your team or a vendor.

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